CAMA & Tax Software Consulting

We help you justify, select and implement the right solution. From project initiation through closeout, our consultants provide the oversight needed to ensure success. We don’t sell tax assessment or collection software.

We work with your team to

  • Minimize risks
  • Study your unique processes
  • Educate & involve your users
  • Save your time and money
  • Objectively evaluate solutions
  • Minimize the sales pitch
  • Structure your project for success
  • Negotiate an effective contract
  • Manage the vendor
  • Support internal change

Select the right solution
The CAMA and property tax software market is highly dynamic. Companies purchase one another, go out of business, or release new, competitive products. Your challenge is to find and procure the best solution and make it work, while minimizing risk.

We help jurisdictions find, procure and implement the optimal solution for their unique needs and budget. Our consultants are prepared to assist you in any and all phases of your selection process, including:

  • Process analysis and needs assessment
  • Business case justification
  • IT strategy
  • RFP development and vendor selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation project oversight & quality assurance

Our expertise
Public sector property tax software

  • Mass appraisal / CAMA
  • Desktop appraisal
  • Tax assessment
  • Tax receipting
  • GIS
  • Permitting
  • External web portal

Why Accent?

  • Deep and varied experience
  • Market knowledge
  • Unbiased facilitation with no vendor partnerships
  • IT professionals
  • Project architects
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