Project Leadership

We help you build a strong team and minimize risks. Our consultants are seasoned professionals who know the vendors and their products, but represent the best interests of your organization.

Accent has provided project leadership, methodology and change management for successful assessment and collection software projects across the country.

Count on us

We consistently produce quality results
We focus on your need
We do not quit until your goals are achieved
We deliver appropriate, effective solutions
We set and meet expectations
We listen carefully and work with you to develop your team

Quality first
Property appraisal and tax collection is one of the most complex, critical responsibilities of any jurisdiction. Replacing your CAMA, tax assessment or collection software is a major undertaking, with significant costs and risks.

  • How do you determine the correct strategy?
  • How do you justify the budget?
  • How do you evaluate the many software vendors and select the best solution for your unique needs and budget?
  • How do you build a solid plan and support team for your project?

We don’t sell tax assessment or collection software—we help you justify, select and successfully implement the right solution.

Collaborative Leadership
We work collaboratively with you, your vendor, and your internal project team to manage your technology project. From project initiation through closeout, our consultants provide the oversight needed to ensure success. Our services include:

  • Contract development and management
  • Vendor management
  • Risk and issue management and mitigation strategies
  • Project approach and methodology reviews
  • Staffing, resource, and task loading consolation
  • Legal team support

Your key staff typically have other responsibilities that prevent them from focusing fully on your critical project. Additionally, even your best internal manager will only have limited experience with successfully implementing large software systems, and limited exposure to the products currently on the market.

Our consultants work alongside your elected and staff leaders. We are experienced, professional project managers who have “done it before.” We’ll help you with the project plans, schedules, methodology, standards, processes and resource management needed to successfully implement your system.

We specialize in providing high-caliber, reliable professional support. Our goal is to develop a long-term business relationship with our clients by consistently delivering high value.

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